In Nurmo, basic heat is maintained with the Qi ground source heat pump

Eerik Hippi and his wife live in Nurmo in a 200-m2 detached log house built in the 1950s. In 2016, Hippi decided to switch to ground source heat for his house, and he reveals that the reason behind the heating system renewal was the ease of use of ground source heat.

“My work involves a lot of travel, and the house must maintain basic heating even if I am not at home,” Hippi explains the background for their new heating system.

Gebwell’s Qi ground source heat pump was chosen as the heat pump that best served the needs of the Hippi family.

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Inverter control provides power as it is needed

Gebwell’s Aries ground source heat pump is the first Finnish ground source heat pump with inverter in the detached house category. What does “inverter” (“frequency converter”) mean? Why does the ground source heat pump have inverter control and what are the benefits of inverters? Traditionally, heat pumps have used compressors, which start up when a […]
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Nordbygg exhibition in Stockholm

“Nordbygg – Northern Europe´s largest and most important construction industry event! Nordbygg 2016 gave a perfect grasp of developments in the construction, building services installations and real estate industry. More than 900 exhibitors from over 30 countries were taking part with exciting innovations, smart solutions and new ideas.” We are also once again participating at […]
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