Onninen gains exclusive sales right to Gebwell Qi ground source heat pumps in Finland

Two thriving Finnish companies, heating equipment manufacturer Gebwell Ltd. and HPAC and electrical products wholesaler Onninen Oy, have agreed on sales cooperation regarding Gebwell’s ground source heat pumps.

Gebwell Ltd. will grant Onninen an exclusive sales right to the Qi heat pump family in Finland as of 20 March 2017. Onninen Oy will expand its stock of Qi heat pumps to cover all models in the Qi product family, including accessories. All of these products will be available immediately, via Onninen’s distribution operation.

The Qi ground source heat pump by Gebwell is specially designed for single-family houses. This extremely quiet heat pump provides top energy efficiency [A+++].

By intensifying its cooperation with Onninen, Gebwell is seeking new customers, greater visibility and national coverage.

PRODUCT NOVELTY! Fidelix Genius district heating controller

Gebwell Ltd. together with Fidelix Ltd. released to the market new, innovative controllers for district heating. One of the main benefits of the controllers is easy-to-use graphic touch screen display. The controller is available in all the Gebwell G-Power district heating solutions!
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