Company information

Gebwell Ltd is a company based in Leppävirta specialized in environmentally friendly heating and cooling solutions. Gebwell Ltd manufactures and sells equipment designed for connection to district heating and the utilization of ground source heat.

All of our products are designed and manufactured in Leppävirta in production facilities spanning 20,000 square metres. High quality ground source heat pumps, accumulators and district heating substations are all manufactured by skilled personnel in a flexible and high-quality manner.

Our customers include HVAC and construction industry professionals for whom we offer ready solutions for serving consumers and other customers.

Gebwell values

Customer-orientation. Our aim is to be the most customer-oriented actor in our field. We believe that customer-orientation means listening to customers’ needs and wishes, and then fulfilling them.

Innovative and motivated personnel. Together we want to be the best actor in the field.

A constant desire to improve. We wish to develop our products and services to increasingly meet and exceed our customers’ needs.

Reliability. Our aim is to be the most reliable operator in the field.

Partnership. Our aim is to be the most sought-after and valued partner for our customers and other interest groups.