Gebwell in Finland and around the world

Gebwell Oy:n pääkonttori ja tehdas Leppävirralla.

Gebwell Ltd.’s head office and production facilities are located in Leppävirta.  The head office is home to the company’s administration, sales, purchasing and product development.

In addition to Leppävirta, Gebwell Ltd also has sales offices in Tampere and Vantaa.

HVAC contractors who sell and install Gebwell Ltd.’s products can be found all over Finland and we are constantly searching for new dealers.

Aiming for international growth

Gebwell Ltd has a subsidiaries in Sweden and in Poland and a sales person in Latvia.

Finland is still our primary market area, but exports are increasing rapidly. Our equipment is delivered not only to Poland but also to CIS countries and Scandinavia, and we are constantly searching for new opportunities for international growth.