Energy accumulators for housing associations

Energy accumulators stabilize housing association heating

A correctly dimensioned accumulator can be used to ensure an even room temperature and sufficient domestic hot water for the entire housing association.

Energy accumulators help you save on heating costs

An energy accumulator means that you are able to load a heating device with a high, even capacity, therefore achieving the best possible efficiency. This not only results in savings in heating costs, but is also environmentally friendly.

An energy accumulator is suitable for use with a range of heating methods. It allows for the parallel use of several heat sources and for a hassle-free change of heating system in the future.

Choosing an accumulator

Gebwell’s range includesaccumulators of different sizes for various purposes. The following factors affect the dimensioning of an accumulator:

  • The size of the property and number of residents
  • The heat source, its power and efficiency
  • The size of the space used
  • The temperature needed for the heating circuit

Send a request for a quote on an energy accumulator to your Gebwell dealer.