Gebwell Combi

Gebwell Combi is a complete set for exhaust air heat recovery, it allows you to utilise the heat of the exhaust air for heating up the building and domestic hot water.

Gebwell Combi comprises the heat recovery device, heat pump, district heating substation, buffer accumulator and automation that enables remote control. In addition, it is possible to add domestic water heaters to the system so that the recovered heat can be used also for making domestic hot water.

What makes Gebwell Combi unique, is the fact that all the heating device of Gebwell Combi are designed, manufactured and tested in Gebwell factory situated in Leppävirta, Finland.

The heat pump, water heaters, buffer tank and hybrid substation of Gebwell Combi are all designed, manufactured and tested by Gebwell Ltd.

Why is it worth investing in exhaust air heat recovery?

The mechanical removal of room air causes significant heat loss in block buildings, up to 40% of the heat energy that has been paid for is blown out with the exhaust fan. With the heat recovery system, the heat in the exhaust air can be recovered and used again for heating the building and making domestic hot water.

Exhaust air heat recovery

  • cuts the building’s heating expenses up to 50%
  • saves energy
  • reduces waste heat
  • increases the value of the property
  • will generate return on investment of over 10% in a large portion of the buildings

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