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Gebwell Smart UI App

The Gebwell Smart® is an easy-to-use mobile user interface app for the monitoring and control of the Gebwell Aries Ground Source Heat Pump. The user interface of Gebwell Aries Ground Source Heat Pump is always available on your phone.The user interface operates in the Gebwell Smart Environment. For more information, please visit Gebwell Smart.

The Gebwell Smart app is a mobile user interface that allows control of the Gebwell Aries Ground Source Heat Pump at home via a local network created automatically by the pump. The app can be downloaded to an iOS or Android smart device – to a smartphone or to a tablet. Use of the ground source heat pump is effortless and smooth thanks to the Gebwell Smart app’s graphical user interface views.

With Gebwell Smart, you can easily adjust your home temperature or increase hot water production for use in the sauna, for instance. Use the app to switch the pump to “away” mode when leaving for longer trips. If you forget to make the change, you can use the app extension to control the pump over a 4G/5G network while already in the taxi to the airport, for example. Before returning, you can readjust the temperature using Gebwell Smart on your way home.

    • The Gebwell Aries Ground Source Heat Pump will automatically create a WLAN/WiFi network to control Aries with your smartphone by using the Gebwell Smart mobile App
    • The easy-to-use Gebwell Smart user interface includes graphical control views.
    • You can monitor and control your ground source heat pump from your living room sofa, or via 4G/5G network while travelling after subscribing to the app extension.
    • You will receive notifications to your app of any abnormalities in the pump’s operation.
    • Monitoring your indoor temperatures might even help you control your own energy consumption and generate savings in your heating costs.
    • The cloud service enables the continued product development and smart control of Gebwell Smart.

Gebwell Smart can be downloaded from the following app stores: