Ground source heat for detached houses

Ground source heating makes day-to-day life easier for residents in detached houses

Ground source heating is an easy and carefree form of heating for detached houses. It’s effortless to use, since the ground source heat pump itself is very low-maintenance.  Ground source heating solutions are suitable for both new and renovation sites.

By choosing Gebwell ground source heating, you can concentrate on life without organizing your day around heating your home. Gebwell’s dealers take care of the entire process from start to finish: planning, well drilling and the necessary soil work, installation of the pump, user training and maintenance.

An ecological solution for the future

The popularity of ground source heat pumps as a heating solution for detached houses is continually increasing. Ground source heating is an ecological option, since it does not cause any carbon dioxide or particle emissions which place a burden on the environment. It is clean and renewable energy.

Savings in heating costs

Ground source heating can reduce you heating costs by up to 80%, meaning that the initial investment is quickly repaid. A ground source heat pump produces at least three times more thermal energy than the energy it consumes.

In Finland, heating your home with electricity or oil costs 12-18 cents/kWh, while ground source heating costs just 3-6 cents/kWh. This means an annual return of 10-20% on your investment.

Ground source heating also offers freedom from risks. Since heat is sourced directly from safe bedrock, there’s no need to worry about possible fluctuations in the price of energy.

Investing in ground source heat means added value for properties

Ground source heating usually increases the value of a building by an amount which exceeds the initial investment.  Detached house owners save therefore not only on heating costs, but the investment can have a positive effect on the resale price of the house.

In Finland, private individuals are entitled to claim domestic help credit for the work carried out. In 2014, individuals can claim a maximum of EUR 2,400 per person. Work costs invoiced by the company amounting to EUR 5,555 entitle you to the complete amount of credit. In a two-person household the maximum amount of credit is EUR 4,800 which requires work costs of around EUR 11,110.Further information can be found on the Tax Administration’s website at

The ground source heating delivery process from a Gebwell dealer

  • Planning and dimensioning
  • Selection of implementation method for loop field, dimensioning
  • Implementation of loop field (e.g., drilling of heat well)
  • Necessary soil work and lead throughs
  • Installation of heat pump
  • Installation work for property heating network
  • Electrification
  • Implementation and training
  • Maintenance and upkeep

We issue a five-year guarantee for our ground source heat pumps if the system is installed by one of our authorized dealers.

Send a request for a quote on a ground source heat pump solution to your Gebwell dealer.