94% of users would recommend Gebwell to others

Gebwell aims to keep its customers happy, which is why we constantly study our customers’ experiences with our products and services. According to a recent user survey we conducted in early 2017, we have demonstrably very satisfied customers.

94% of the owners of a Qi ground source heat pump are happy with their choice, and the same number of survey respondents would recommend the Qi ground source heat pump to others. The owners of a Qi are also very happy with the reliability of the ground source heat pump, its quiet running sound, and the savings that the ground source heat pump brings.

Like most other Qi owners, Risto Markkula and Tero Karhula are happy to recommend the Qi ground source heat pump to others.

Read customer references from satisfied owners of a Qi ground source heat pump:

Risto Markkulan talossa lämmityksen hoitaa Gebwellin Qi-maalämpöpumppu.

Read about the factors that influenced Risto Markkula’s choice of a ground source heating system

“If the work of the installers and the transition to ground source heating go this well in all houses, you can’t say anything negative about a Gebwell project.” – Risto Markkula, Savonlinna –

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Tero Karhula ja Gebwellin Qi-maalämpöpumppu

See how much Tero Karhula saves after switching over to ground source heating

”The environmental friendliness of the system was one factor in the background in the decision making, but mostly the decision was about money.” – Tero Karhula, Lahela –

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