AHRI certified heat exchangers for our district heating products

AHRI certified heat exchangers for our district heating products
We at Gebwell have always wanted to be trendsetters in the district heating field by making responsible choices that benefit everyone. Our next step is to switch to using heat exchangers with certified performance in our district heating products for real estate. By switching to AHRI certified heat exchangers, we are ready for the future needs of district heating networks.

Our G-Power collection includes district heating substations for detached houses, apartment buildings and large industrial, commercial and public buildings. Find out more about Gebwell G-Power district heating substations here. Our AHRI certified heat exchangers are available in our G-Power district heating substations for real estate.

Why choose an AHRI certified heat exchanger?
All parties benefit from the increase in AHRI certification:

Significantly lower energy consumption and smaller operating costs during the lifecycle due to an energy-efficient system.
Securing the full investment value as costs for field trials decrease and the capacity margins of components increase.
Reliable comparison between thermal efficiency and performance-price ratio, because calculations have been checked.
Reliability in achieving target levels in energy consumption and indoor air management due to sufficient evaluation of the heat exchanger’s capacity.
Reliability in the system’s performance for suppliers, planners, contractors and end users.
Focusing on energy efficiency promotes innovation and encourages manufacturers to develop even more efficient products.
Reliable information about thermal performance increases trust in the whole field. (source: Alfa Laval)
How to recognise an AHRI certified heat exchanger?
HVAC designers, to receive an AHRI certified heat exchanger for your destination, you shall add this text to the work report: the gasketed water-to-water heat exchangers for heating substations must be AHRI certified.

AHRI heat exchangers can be recognised with the AQ symbol visible on the technical specification for the heat exchangers. AHRI certified heat exchangers have been marked with an AHRI logo:

AHRI certification ensures that the performance of the heat exchanger is always what is promised. AHRI (Air-Conditioning, Heat and Refrigeration Institute) is an international nonprofit organisation, which certifies the performance of liquid-to-liquid heat exchangers globally.

The AHRI LLHE (Liquid to Liquid Heat Exchangers) certification programme ensures that the performance of the liquid-to-liquid heat exchanger is the same as what the manufacturer has promised. In gasketed plate-type heat exchangers, the AHRI certification can be used in systems where the primary and secondary sides use water as a heat transfer agent.

Our high-quality G-Power district heating products deserve the best possible recognition.