Gebwell Aries inverter heat pump is more versatile than its competitors

For years, Gebwell has been a pioneer in the professional use of ground source heat, developing new technological solutions. Now, the technologies employed in large-scale ground source heat projects have been combined in a ground source heat pump designed for use in single-family homes: the Gebwell Aries. The new pump by Gebwell is user-friendly, cost-efficient and smart at an unprecedented level. The Gebwell Aries features RPM-controlled inverter technology, IoT, wireless remote connection and a mobile user interface.

The Aries ground source heat pump utilises inverter technology, and meets the efficiency requirements for modern heat pumps excellently. The pump’s operation is based on an RPM-controlled compressor. The inverter-controlled device senses temperature changes and domestic hot water consumption, and automatically self-adjusts accordingly. This drastically reduces energy consumption and the pump’s operating costs – thereby optimising its annual efficiency.

Gebwell Aries is the first inverter ground source heat pump manufactured in Finland. The pioneering device is manufactured in Leppävirta, as are all Gebwell heat pumps. All competing inverter ground source heat pumps on the Finnish market are imported products.

Comparison of features – inverter ground source heat pumps on the Finnish market

Remote connection as standard Wireless remote connection/ready 3D connection as standard Smartphone user interface Indoor sensor as standard Comprehensive cloud control services
Gebwell Aries x x x x x
Market leader x  with some restrictions, subject to a fee, requires internet access Spot-price electricity control
Challenger 1 x  requires internet access
Challenger 2 x requires internet access

Wireless remote connection as standard

Remote-controlled heat pumps are becoming more popular, but this requires a remote connection to the data network. Many of the latest inverter ground source heat pumps come standard with a remote connection, but Gebwell Aries is the only device that includes a wireless network connection. With Gebwell Aries, you are spared the trouble of installing networks and connecting cables.

For example, remote connection in the leading inverter ground source heat pump on the domestic market requires a network cable and installation, and it does not come standard with a wireless connection.

The most easy-to-use user interface for ground source heat pumps on the market

The user interface for the Gebwell Aries ground source heat pump is fully accessible on the user’s smartphone. The clear and easy-to-use Gebwell Smart control centre can be accessed anywhere. The mobile user interface app can be used to monitor and adjust the heat pump via a wireless local network. The user interface app is available for Android and iOS devices.

Comprehensive cloud services provide support for ground source heat pump users

Gebwell Aries is the world’s first IoT ground source heat pump. Gebwell’s product development has taken a bold leap ahead of other ground source heat pump developers in pioneering the utilisation of the Internet of Things.
The Internet of Things or IoT connects physical devices to the digital world and processes information in a cloud service, enabling the use of user interface apps such as Gebwell Smart. The technology of the Gebwell Smart mobile app is based on the secure Siemens Mindsphere cloud service.

Gebwell Aries has a constant remote connection to the Gebwell Smart cloud control, from which the pump can be monitored and controlled remotely. In possible malfunctions, the cloud control can observe the pump’s status and provide remote technical support. Thanks to the cloud service, users are free to outsource monitoring and control of their pump to Gebwell Smart cloud control.


Inverter ground source heat pump with unbeatable features

The monitoring of indoor temperature is essential in inverter-controlled heat pumps, and this is naturally taken into account in the standard equipment of the Gebwell Aries. Most domestically available ground source heat pumps can be fitted with indoor sensors to measure room temperature as additional accessories. The Gebwell Aries is standard-equipped with an indoor sensor.

The new pump by Gebwell also includes excellent noise management solutions. Thanks to its extremely low noise level typical of Gebwell pumps, the Gebwell Aries can even be installed in the home utility or laundry room. The sound power level of Gebwell Aries is only 34-43 dB.

In sum, the latest Finnish-made pump by Gebwell seems to be the most technologically advanced and competitive inverter-controlled ground source heat pump currently available. User-friendliness thanks to wireless data transfer and IoT technology, energy savings made possible by inverter technology, and fully domestic design and manufacture all serve to make the Gebwell Aries the most sought-after ground source heat pump for single-family homes across Finland.



Gebwell Aries – the first Finnish IoT-controlled inverter ground source heat pump:

  • The world’s first IoT ground source heat pump.
  • The first inverter ground source heat pump manufactured in Finland for single-family homes.
  • Secure Wi-Fi connection without separate network devices or cables.
  • Mobile app provides the most easy-to-use user interface on the market.
  • Constant remote connection to the Gebwell Smart cloud control.
  • The technology is based on the data secure Siemens Mindsphere IoT cloud.
  • Energy class A+++. Learn more about the device’s technical data.
  • Designed in Finland, manufactured in Leppävirta.

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