Ground source heating system included with prefabricated house

Toni Oksman from Vantaa has lived for a year with his wife and children in their 2016-built single-family home. Due to its location, ground source heat was the only viable heating alternative for the house, as neither district or direct electric heating were available for the family’s area of residence. Oksman’s prefabricated house from Kastelli came ready with Gebwell’s Qi ground source heat pump.

He admits having some initial doubts about the heat pumps.

“At first, I was nervous to see how things would go. I had heard stories of circulation pumps malfunctioning in some devices. It seems, however, that in such cases the pumps must have been from other manufacturers,” Oksman recounts.

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Exhaust air heat recovery and solar panels improve energy efficiency in a block building

A Pori joint-stock property company, As Oy Porin Eteläkatu 11, carried out a heating renovation job at the turn of 2015–2016 with energy economy in mind. In the job, the block building was equipped with exhaust air heat recovery and a heat pump. The heating system came to be a true super hybrid, as the […]
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Inverter control provides power as it is needed

Gebwell’s Aries ground source heat pump is the first Finnish ground source heat pump with inverter in the detached house category. What does “inverter” (“frequency converter”) mean? Why does the ground source heat pump have inverter control and what are the benefits of inverters? Traditionally, heat pumps have used compressors, which start up when a […]
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