Heinon Tukku, with more than 100 years of history, emphasises energy efficiency in its new premises

Heinon Tukku’s new premises in Kuopio represent the state of the art in energy efficiency. The new building located in Pieni Neulamäki is heated and cooled with ground source heat wells and a cooling facility. The ground source heat wells and cooling facility are also used in cooling the building.

Plenty of different needs for heating on the premises

Commissioned in June, the new premises are the workplace for 100 people working on fish,

fruit and vegetable processing at different temperatures. The premises also include logistics facilities, a large deep freeze storage and office space. The heating requirement for the premises, totalling 7,800 square meters, range from the 0 degrees Centigrade in the fish production facility to 20 degrees in the offices.

For Heino, environmental friendliness is important. To support this, the company has a ISO 140001 environment certificate. The modern building is heated and cooled with ground source heat wells and a cooling facility. District heating is used at peak hours and to cover for any interruptions from device failures.

“The new premises have been in use only for half a year, and yet the system has already proven very energy efficient. We are very satisfied with the way it works and are looking forward to getting the consumption readings for the whole year,” comments Heinon Tukku Kuopio Oy’s managing director Jari Korhonen.

Substation and a variety of installation set from Gebwell

Gebwell delivered the district heating substation, two accumulators and a dozen pump sets of varying types, making installation faster, with and without exchangers. The four exchangers in the G-Power district heating substation take care of the hot water for production, domestic hot water for the office, hot water for the ventilation and air-conditioning as well the heating network (radiator and floor heating and heating columns).

One of the G-Energy special accumulators delivered for the system is part of the building’s heating and one is dedicated to cooling. The heat recovery exchangers in the building’s cooling facility transfer heat from the ground source heat well and the cooling facility’s condenser to the 3,000-litre heating accumulator. The 1,000-litre special accumulator works as a buffer accumulator for the network of cooling columns where the free cooling uses ground source cooling and the cooling facility’s cooling circuit.

The HVAC and automation contractor for the site was Bravida Finland Oy. The HVAC project manager, Kari Toivanen, says Gebwell Oy was selected as the vendor of the heating system based on normal bidding. “The collaboration with Gebwell was very smooth, the delivery times were as agreed, and I believe that our collaboration will continue even in the future. The readymade pump kits delivered by Gebwell made the installation considerably faster and easier on site,” explains Toivanen.