Installation set for Qi GSHP

Gebwell heat pump accessories are designed to facilitate and speed up the installation of heat pumps. Installation set for Qi ground source heat pump significantly shortens the installation time of new heating system and gives the installation a polished appearance.

The installation set includes all the necessary components needed for installation, so the components do not have to be bought separately from HVAC wholesaler or store. With installation set the dismantling of old heating system and installation of Qi ground source heat pump can be done in just one day.

The installation set can be installed either on the side of the ground source heat pump or on the wall beside the pump. Collector loop pipes are insulated and collector loop pressurized. The installation set also speeds up the ventilation. The installation set is designed in co-operation with installers. Installation set can either be installed on the side of the heat pump or on the wall beside the heat pump.

  • Significantly shortens the installation time
  • Includes a large part of installation components
  • Can be installed either on the side of the pump or on the wall
  • Gives installation a neat and polished appearance

Installation set Qi, cooling

Installation set with accessories for cooling:

  • Pipe connections for cooling coupling
  • Shut-off- valves in/out
  • Check valve
  • Cooling pump
  • Electric shut-off valve

Installation set Qi, excluding pump

Installation set is also available without additional pump for heating and check valve. This option is a great choice for under floor heating properties, where there is no need for additional pump for heating.

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