Keijo Anttila has started as the CEO of Gebwell Group.

Keijo Anttila started as the CEO of Gebwell on April 1st.

“I’m really excited about the opportunity and challenge that Gebwell, as a strong player in the energy sector, offers. The company is deeply rooted in Leppävirta, and at the same time, it has significant growth potential, which is fascinating to embark on,” says Keijo Anttila.

Gebwell’s growth in recent years has been based on a solid domestic market. In the future, the company aims to grow internationally as well. Anttila has over two decades of broad experience in various leadership roles. Anttila brings valuable expertise to Gebwell, especially in international business and leadership of production and sales in multicultural environments.

“The future of the company at the center of the green transition and energy transformation looks really promising. The opportunity to lead such an innovative and sustainable company into international markets is truly inspiring. I strongly believe that we can be a significant player in promoting sustainable development in Europe and globally. Together with our knowledgeable team, we have the opportunity to positively impact the future and take concrete actions for a sustainable tomorrow,” he continues.

Keijo can be reached by phone at 0400 673 156 and by email at keijo.anttila(at)