Linnovaara chose ground source heat

For Heikki Linnovaara in Iisalmi, ground source heat was the choice of heating system as early as during the construction phase of his house. In addition to the indoor spaces, the garage of the house is heated.

The house was installed with Gebwell’s ground source heating system, which includes an indoor air cooling unit. According to Linnovaara, heating costs with the ground source heating system have been relatively low, and the estimated electricity consumption of the system has remained at a reasonable level.

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BULLETIN: Two of the leading operators in the field will cooperate more closely

Gebwell expands the use of Alfa Laval’s plate heat exchangers to district heating substations Gebwell Ltd., a manufacturer of heating and cooling equipment from Leppävirta, will start using Alfa Laval’s extensive collection of high-quality heat exchangers in the district heating substations it manufactures during the spring of 2018. Previously, Gebwell has already used Alfa Laval’s […]
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Heating consumption less than expected

Haukiniemen Hidalgo is the first apartment building in Iisalmi, Finland which is utilising geothermal heating and geocooling. The geothermal system has now been operating well over 2.5 years and the heating consumption is a positive surprise to the residents. In year 2015 the heating consumption was 33 000 kWh and the expected consumption for 2016 […]
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