Make It Count

The CFB – Cleantech Finland Bioenergy is a concept of Finnish companies with complete solutions for renewable energy supplies, from forest residues and sustainable forestry to heating homes. Gebwell Oy is part of the CFB-concept providing the district heating substations to the energy end users.

New video about the CFB concept available now:

For further information, please contact:, Karoliina Tanskanen


New partner in Sweden

Gebwell Sverige AB and Sinfra Swedish Purchasing Agency for Infrastructure for economic association. signed a framework agreement concerning district heating and cooling substations and associated products, systems and services as of 3.1.2018. Gebwell Sverige AB is looking forward to successful co-operation with Sinfra. Pekka Haverinen Managing Director Gebwell Sverige AB Sinfra Sinfra is a national […]
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Gebwellin maalämpöjärjestelmä hoitaa Linnovaaran talon lämmityksen.

Linnovaara chose ground source heat

For Heikki Linnovaara in Iisalmi, ground source heat was the choice of heating system as early as during the construction phase of his house. In addition to the indoor spaces, the garage of the house is heated. The house was installed with Gebwell’s ground source heating system, which includes an indoor air cooling unit. According […]
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