Tarmo Hatunen appointed as Gebwell’s new Technology Director – “Research and development is how we will take over the world.”

Tarmo Hatunen appointed as Gebwell’s new Technology Director – “Research and development is how we will take over the world.”
Gebwell, a manufacturer of heating and cooling equipment for real estate, has appointed Tarmo Hatunen, 41, as its new Technology Director. Hatunen will take up his new post on 2 September. Working with a team of top experts, he will be responsible for Gebwell’s technology and product development in line with the company’s technology strategy.

Hatunen is originally from Sonkajärvi and now lives with his family in Kuopio. He graduated from the LUT-university in Lappeenranta with a Master of Science degree in Energy Engineering in 2005. He brings almost two decades of work experience in the energy engineering sector. Before becoming Gebwell’s Technology Director, Hatunen worked at KPA Unicon, where he held an equivalent position for 2.5 years. Hatunen describes himself as an advocate of a modern management-by-coaching approach.

– I am more interested in discussing and listening than ordering people around. One of the keys to management is to ensure that the working conditions are good, the team is healthy and satisfied, and people enjoy coming to work. When a manager acts more like a coach, the team members gain the responsibility they crave, and work is done in a resolute but relaxed atmosphere, Hatunen says.

Renewable forms of energy and continuous product development play a key role in the transformation of the energy sector
As Gebwell’s new Technology Director, Hatunen will emphasise the need to keep up with the pace of change.

– The energy sector is in a state of transformation, and companies also need to be able to transform and adapt to the requirements of the market. In the future, a greater proportion of all energy will be generated via renewable forms of energy, such as wind, solar power and geothermal heat. My goal is to ensure that Gebwell’s customers continue to receive high-quality, energy-efficient heating and cooling solutions based on clean energy, Hatunen says.

Research and development will improve further
Janne Rahunen, who was appointed CEO of Gebwell six months ago, describes Hatunen as a highly qualified expert in the energy sector who will bring the company more future expertise thanks to his background in power plants and product development.

– Research and development is how we will take over the world. It has been one of our major strengths, and Tarmo will help to elevate it to an even more important role. In this sector, companies will only thrive if they are able to create more innovative, efficient and modern solutions for their customer bases. Renewal is a prerequisite for success, as the sector is moving forward rapidly. Offerings need to emphasise customer-oriented equipment that is compliant with European legislative standards and can enable long-term investments to be safeguarded, Rahunen says.

– We will continue to develop our product selection with an eye to export markets. Customer needs vary in each market, and addressing these needs using emission-free energy solutions is a must-win battle for us, Rahunen continues.

Additional information:

Janne Rahunen, CEO, Gebwell Ltd., janne.rahunen@gebwell.fi, +358 400 897 786

Tarmo Hatunen, Technology Director, Gebwell Ltd., tarmo.hatunen@gebwell.fi, +358 40 756 5079

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