G-Energy HPe energy accumulators

G-Energy HPe is a hybrid energy accumulator equipped with an intermediate bulkhead and is specifically designed for heat pumps.

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The accumulator heats domestic hot water and acts as the system’s buffer tank. Domestic water energy is charged in the upper part of the accumulator, which ensures high domestic water temperature and sufficiency even for a large crowd. Thanks to the intermediate bulkhead, domestic hot water is layered in the top of the accumulator. The bottom part of the intermediate bulkhead is used as the buffer tank of the property’s heating network, which ensures sufficiently long heat pump charging periods. The lower charging connections of the accumulator include guide pipes to generate the right kind of heat layering.

G-Energy HPe accumulators have two flanges for domestic hot water coils. The top flange comes standard with the domestic hot water coil and the bottom flange with the domestic water preheating coil. G-Energy HPe is available with 501L or 1000L capacities.

Technical information

Model   G-Energy HPe 501 G-Energy HPe 1000
GTIN number 6415853619721 6415853619738
Tank capacity L 501 1000
Height mm* ** 2010 / 2030 2130 / 2150
Diameter mm* 600 / 780 850 / 1030
Tilt measurement mm  2100  2200
Weight kg 180 260
Connection sizes 2” 2”
Max coil size LK45 LK55
Resistor connection quantity pc 3–4 3–4
Max resistor capacity kW 12 12
Max temperature °C 110 110
Max operating pressure bar 3 3

* +Adjustable legs 0 – 60 mm ** Measurements: insulation removed/installed (insulation thickness 90mm)