Aries inverter ground source heat pump

The first inverter driven ground source heat pump remotely connected to the manufacturer as a standard.

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The first inverter ground source heat pump in the market with a non-stop connection to the factory.

Gebwell Aries is the first Finnish ground source heat pump for detached houses that utilises advanced inverter technology and IoT control.

Energy efficiency through inverter technology

The heat pump’s variable-speed compressor is adjusted based on the power needed at your house. Thanks to the inverter control, the heat pump always operates at the correct power, optimising the heating output.

The Finnish inverter ground source heat pump heats your home and your domestic hot water in an energy efficient way – automatically and always as required. Read more about inverter technology.

Technical support from the manufacturer made possible through IoT

The Gebwell Aries inverter ground source heat pump utilises IoT technology and is wirelessly connected to the factory’s technical support. The support service technology is based on the secure Siemens MindSphere cloud service.

The Gebwell Aries is pre-linked to the Gebwell Smart centre at the factory so that our professionals can easily check the status of your ground source heat pump, which means that you can enjoy a stress-free heating system.

Smart mobile control for a constantly developing system

The cloud service enables you to remotely control your device – at any time and from any place. The Gebwell Aries user interface is available anywhere – on your smartphone. The Aries ground source heat pump can be controlled through the local area network created automatically by the device, and the controls can be used with the Gebwell Smart application while relaxing on your sofa.

As an additional service, you can monitor and control the heat pump with the Gebwell Smart app even from abroad. The app can be downloaded to an iOS or Android smart device – to a smartphone and a tablet.

In the future, Gebwell Smart will offer its users several additional services to make the device easier to use, such as automated changes according to local weather.

Aries 12C without a built-in hot water tank

The Aries 12 ground source heat pump is also available without a built-in hot water tank. This makes it suitable for, for example, sites where a separate hot water tank is to be used. There may already be a usable hot water tank, or the need for domestic hot water is high. Aries 12C is also suitable for buildings in which no domestic hot water is needed, such as storage buildings. Thanks to its low height (970 mm), it can be installed in a space with low ceiling.

Gebwell Aries IoT inverter ground source heat pump with state-of-the-art features

  • Built-in wireless remote connection
  • Remote connection to the technical support of the Gebwell Smart cloud control centre as standard
  • Easy-to-use mobile interface, Gebwell Smart, downloaded into your smartphone
  • Several additional services to be included in the application to increase your living comfort and savings
  • The first Finnish ground source heat pump for detached houses that utilises advanced inverter technology
  • Designed and manufactured in Leppävirta, Finland
  • 5 year guarantee


Technical specifications

Aries 6
Aries 12
Aries 12C
Dimensions (d x w x h), cm 66 x 60 x 180 66 x 60 x 180 5362649
Weight, kg 181 190 165
Hot water tank, l (DHW / heating) 185 / 7 185 / 7 no hot water tank
Power values
Heating capacity, 0°/35° kW (according to EN 14511) 1.5-7.5 2.6-12.2 2.6-12.2
Cooling capacity, 0°/35° kW (EN 14511) 2.97 5.35 5.35
Input power, 0°/35°  kW (EN 14511) 0.78 1.36 1.36
SCOP, (EN 14825) 5.6 5.8 5.8
SPF, cold climate, under floor heating 4.4 5.1 5.1
Sound effect level, dB 34-43 36-47 36-47
Heating water maximum output temperature C° 65 65 65
Operational temperature, collector C° -5…+30 -5…+30 -5…+30
Compressor Twin rotary (frequency controlled) Twin rotary (frequency controlled) Twin rotary (frequency controlled)
Energy class*
Contains fluorinated greenhouse gases Yes Yes Yes
Hermetically sealed Yes Yes Yes
Refrigerant R410A R410A R410A
GWP (global warming potential) 2088 2088 2088
Refrigerant amount kg 0.82 1.4 1.4
CO2 equivalence tonnes CO2 e 1.712 2.923 2.923

*Energy efficiency class of heating system, intermediate climate, underfloor heating