T² heat pump

Cost-efficient and reliable solution for more demanding needs.

T² heat pump is to be connected to a separate accumulator and designed to heat large detached houses, apartment buildings, industrial facilities and other buildings requiring lots of heating. T² heat pump can also be installed in renovated buildings since the quiet and reliable compressors easily produce +65°C output water.

The latest compressor technique, durable components and advanced automation ensure energy-efficient and reliable heating and long lifetime. Hot domestic water is produced efficiently in two-part hybrid accumulator. By connecting two accumulators sufficient hot domestic water production can be ensured in the most demanding properties.

With T² heat pump the room temperature is steady and comfortable at all times. Remote control can be accessed with a mobile device.

By combining several T² heat pumps in cascade sufficient heating capacity for large terraced houses and apartment buildings. T² heat pump system can be integrated with a diverse additional heating sources like solar, oil or wood heating.

With extension modules the versatile controller can be further supplemented for example to control three heating circuits and possible other additional heating sources. Installation-friendly design ensures profitable and fast installation.

  • High efficiency
  • Scroll-compressor
  • Intelligent cascade control
  • Versatile controller
  • Manufactured in Finland
  • Energy class*

* Energy efficiency class of the system, intermediate climate, underfloor heating