GSH investment is covered by savings gained in a small apartment building in Mikkeli

Asemakylän E-Flex maalämpöpumppu

In a housing company of 18 apartments replacing of oil heating came into question in year 2012 as the oil price rose. At the manager’s recommendation the housing company familiarised itself with ground source heat and hence decided to carry out a heating renovation to replace oil heating with ground source heating.

Six heat wells of 201 meters were drilled on site in March-April 2011 and the ground source heating system was introduced in May. Gebwell’s sceciality, E-Flex system placed outside the real estate was chosen as a system solution.

GSH system required a bit of fine tuning in the beginning, but since the system has worked well. The repayment and interests of the investment loan the housing company has been able cover by the savings gained from the difference in heating costs. Heating with oil was that much more expensive than heating with ground source heat. ” tells the Chairman of the Board of the housing company Yrjö Takkinen pleased with the choice.

In 2013 the housing company saved more than 11 000 euros with ground source heat compared to previous oil heating.

Small apartment building Asemakylä in Haukivuori
Year of contruction 1972
18 apartments 955,5 m2
Mechanical ventilation

Previous heating system – oil heating
Heating sysetm oil central heating
Heat distribution  radiators, domestic hot water circulation, ”towel rails” in every apartment
Energy and water consumption in 2010
Heat, oil 24 604 l
Water 1 271 m3
Electricity 11 882 kWh


Current heating system – Gebwell maalämpö
 Gebwell E-Flex 60 kW ground source heat pump + 5000 liter accumulator + collecting loop: 6 pc of 200 meter heat wells
 Energy and water consumption in 2013
Heat, ground source heat 80 120 kWh
 Priming, oil 181 l
 Water 874 m3
 Electricity 9 642 kWh