New partner in Sweden

Gebwell Sverige AB and Sinfra Swedish Purchasing Agency for Infrastructure for economic association. signed a framework agreement concerning district heating and cooling substations and associated products, systems and services as of 3.1.2018. Gebwell Sverige AB is looking forward to successful co-operation with Sinfra.

Pekka Haverinen
Managing Director

Gebwell Sverige AB

Sinfra is a national central purchasing body working with sustainable procurement. They represent their members in Sweden who conduct operations within district heating, water, and electricity. Their sales total approximately 500 million kronor annually through suborders from Sinfra framework agreements. (

Gebwell Group is a Finnish company specialised in environmentally friendly heating and cooling of buildings. Gebwell Group designs and manufactures district heating and cooling substations, heat pumps, accumulator tanks as well as Pivaset® fire extinguishing products.

Gebwell Sverige AB
Gebwell Sverige AB is Gebwell Group’s subsidiary in Sweden. Gebwell Sverige AB sells Gebwell heating and cooling solutions and Pivaset® fire extinguishing products in Sweden.

The urban REDI is heated with Gebwell’s district heating solutions

Gebwell delivered the largest single set of heating and cooling solutions in its history for the REDI shopping centre. This will be completed in the Kalasatama area in Helsinki. REDI, built by SRV, is one of the largest ongoing construction projects in Finland. It includes a tower block area with eight dizzyingly tall tower blocks, […]
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Pasi Hytönen ja Qi 6 -maalämpöpumppu

Cost-effective underfloor heating for new buildings with ground source heat

In the Tikkurila district of Vantaa, Finland, lives Pasi Hytönen, a man satisfied with the heating system of his home. His house is equipped with Gebwell’s Qi 6 ground source heat pump. The ground source heat wells were drilled and pipes installed before the start of actual house construction work. Hytönen says that the delivery […]
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