Pure heat

As Finns, we understand the essence and importance of heating. That’s why we want to provide clean and intelligent heating and cooling solutions for people’s homes and properties.

Towards a cleaner future

The world is not changed alone. Nor with only words. Building a cleaner future demands actions – made together. One solution at a time.


With clear conscience

We are known as a company, whose heat pump and district heating products can be used with a clear conscience.


Proud of our roots

Our home is in Leppävirra in Pohjois-Savo. From here, it's good for us to look at the world and work every day to ensure that people can continue to enjoy pure nature and natural warmth.


The industry's most sought-after partner

As forerunners of the industry, we are solving the imminent key energy challenges – standing proudly as the most desired partner on the journey towards a cleaner future.

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Cleaner future, I'm in!

So do we. Read more about our solutions for creating a cleaner future.

Grounde source heat

Ground source heat is an economical and environmentally friendly choice, it is heat energy produced by sun stored on the ground.

More about ground source heat

District heating

District heating is the most common heating mode in Finland. And no wonder, taking into account it's easiness, reliability and wide availability.

Read more about district heating

Heat recovery

In heat recovery the heat energy of heat waste is recovered and used again in heating of the building.

Read more about heat recovery

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