Natural heating for houses

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Energy efficient heating solutions for detached houses

Gebwell's energy efficient geothermal and district heating solutions save money, time and effort.

Specialized Gebwell dealers offer total solutions that best suit your needs, including high-quality equipment and expert services.

Ground source heat

Natural heating for houses

Ground source heating (also known as geothermal heating) is an easy and carefree form of heating for detached houses. Ground source heat pump warms up your home as well as domestic hot water. With ground source heating system you can also cool your home in summer.

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Ground source heating makes living easier

By choosing Gebwell ground source heating, you can concentrate on life without organizing your day around heating your home. Gebwell’s dealers take care of the entire process from start to finish: planning, well drilling and the necessary soil work, installation of the pump, user training and maintenance.

Ground source heating solutions are suitable for both new and renovation sites, to replace oil heating for example.


Significant savings in heating costs and increase in the house value

Ground source heating can reduce you heating costs by up to 75%, meaning that the initial investment is quickly repaid. A ground source heat pump produces at least three times more thermal energy than the energy it consumes.

Ground source heating also offers freedom from risks. Since heat is sourced directly from safe bedrock, there’s no need to worry about possible fluctuations in the price of energy.

Ground source heating usually increases the value of a building by an amount which exceeds the initial investment. Detached house owners save therefore not only on heating costs, but the investment can have a positive effect on the resale price of the house.

In Finland, private individuals are entitled to claim domestic tax credit for the work carried out in your home, for the installation work of ground source heating system for example. Read more on on Tax administration pages.


Here's how to get a ground source heat system for your home

We supply ground source heat pumps through our knowledgeable retailers. We will forward the request for quotation you have sent to the retailer in your area, who will contact you and take more detailed information, e.g. the size and energy needs of your house.

Based on the information you provide, the retailer will size the heat pump suitable for your house and send you an offer for the heat pump installed. If you wish, you will also receive an offer for the implementation of the collector (e.g. drilling of the energy well).


Gebwell ground source heat pumps for houses

Gebwell Aries is the first Finnish ground source heat pump for detached houses that utilises advanced inverter technology and IoT control. T3 Inverter heat pump is connected to a separate accumulator tank. It is suitable for a larger house or for greater consumption of domestic hot water.

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District heating

Gebwell district heating solutions for houses

District heating is a reliable and even form of heating detached houses and is available in almost every town in Finland. A district-heated house is comfortable to live in and the heating itself does not require any form of effort from its user.

District heating operating principle Kaukolammon-toimintaperiaate

Save on energy costs, ecologically

District heating is an energy efficient and eco-friendly method of heating. Its overall costs are affordable and its pricing is stable.

The majority of district heating used in Finland is produced from condensing heat in electricity production. This combined production saves large amounts of energy while simultaneously reducing environmental emissions significantly.


Environmentally friendly district heating

District heating saves energy and environment. In Finland 80% of district heating is produced through combined production with an electricity power plant. The plant’s excess condensing heat is used in district heating networks. In doing so, the plant’s efficiency is increased and lots of energy is saved.

Environmental emissions from combined production are approximately 30% lower than when the production of energy and heat take place in separate production facilities. It is a widely recognized manner of protecting the climate and the development of combined production is estimated to be the greatest single method of reducing greenhouse emissions.

District heating substations for detached, semi-detached and terraced houses

The G-Power district heating substations, designed for small houses, are available in 2- and 3-circuit models. The two-circuit heating substation has control circuits for the production of hot water needed for domestic use and the heating network. With the third control circuit, it is possible, for example, to heat moist spaces throughout the year, regardless of the heating needs of other spaces. The G-Power Easy small substation is specifically designed for retrofits, where there is no circulation of hot domestic water.

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Energy accumulator tanks

Sufficient hot water provided both ecologically and economically

Using an energy accumulator provides a comfortably consistent room temperature and a sufficient amount of hot water both ecologically and economically. The energy accumulator stores and evens out the heat produced by the heating system, which is then used for heating the building and domestic hot water.