Reliable heating for apartment buildings

We offer reliable ground source and district heating solutions for heating and cooling of
large residential buildings such as row houses and apartment buildings.
Our selection also includes energy efficient systems for exhaust air heat recovery.

Heat pumps, district heating substations and exhaust heat recovery systems for large residential buildings

Our wide heat pump and district heating substation range also includes suitable models for large residential buildings. Our Gebwell Combi solution for exhaust air heat recovery combines both systems seamlessly and enegy efficiently.

Ground source heat

Ground source heat is suitable also for apartment buildings

Ground source heat is the most popular form of heating for new detached houses, but is also suitable for heating and domestic hot water production in larger residential buildings as apartment buildings as well.

Take control of your housing association’s heating costs with ground source heat

Ground source heating is an easy and affordable method of heating for your housing association. The larger the property, the larger the savings in heating costs and the shorter the investment payback period. Housing association residents will soon be able to reap the benefits of ground source heat in the form of smaller housing association payments.

Ground source heating usually increases the value of a building by an amount which exceeds the initial investment costs. In addition to the benefit of savings, the property’s resale value will increase.

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District heating operating principle

District heat mostly comes from combined heat and power plants or from heat-only plants. Fuel for district heating can include natural gas, coal, peat, wood or landfill gas. Almost 80% of district heating comes from combined heat and power plants, excess industrial heat or from burning landfill gasses.

District heating operating principle

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Energy accumulator tanks

Stability and savings with energy accumulator tanks

A correctly dimensioned accumulator can be used to ensure an even room temperature and sufficient domestic hot water for the entire housing association.

An energy accumulator means that you are able to load a heating device with a high, even capacity, therefore achieving the best possible efficiency. This not only results in savings in heating costs, but is also environmentally friendly.

An energy accumulator is suitable for use with a range of heating methods. It allows for the parallel use of several heat sources and for a hassle-free change of heating system in the future.

Gebwell’s range includesaccumulators of different sizes for various purposes. The following factors affect the dimensioning of an accumulator:

  • The size of the property and number of residents
  • The heat source, its power and efficiency
  • The size of the space used
  • The temperature needed for the heating circuit