Ground source heat is pure, renewable energy from nature





Ground source heat

Ground source heat is heat energy from the sun which accumulates and is stored in the ground. Using a ground source heat system, this energy can be utilized to heat buildings and domestic water. It’s free and within everyone’s reach – you just need the right equipment to access and utilize it.

Ground source heat is clean and renewable energy. It doesn’t cause any carbon dioxide or particle emissions which accelerate global warming, and is therefore an ecological form of heating.

Savings in heating costs

In addition to saving nature, ground source heat can also save you money. By making a one-time investment in a ground source heat system, you will permanently reduce your heating costs. A ground source heat pump produces at least three times more thermal energy than the energy it consumes.

Ground source heating can permanently reduce your heating costs by up to 75%. At the same time, you can protect yourself from fluctuation in the price of energy. Ground source heating is a very sensible investment in the future.

Easy and care-free ground source heating

Gebwell dealers carry out ground source heating solutions taking care of each work phase, from drilling a heat well right up to heat pump maintenance. The implementation and upkeep of ground source heating is therefore very easy for the customer. The ground source heat pump is easy to use and is very low-maintenance.