Exhaust air heat recovery

With the room air mechanically removed from a block building exits a considerable amount of heat energy already paid for. Exhaust air heat recovery is collecting this heat energy and re-using it to the heating of the building.

Exhaust air heat recovery can supplement the existing heating system, for example a district heating system, boosting the efficiency of energy produced with it. Exhaust air heat recovery can also be installed parallel to a Gebwell ground source heating system. Water-circulating heat distribution is required for commissioning the system.

Principle of exhaust air heat recovery

The exhaust air blower is replaced with a heat recovery unit where the heat exchanger collects the heat from the exhaust air and transfers it to the heat recovery liquid on the other side of the exchanger.

The heated heat collection liquid is conveyed to the heat pump in the building’s technical room via a pipe installed in the building or on its exterior wall.

The heat recovered from the exhaust air is utilised with a heat pump for heating domestic hot water or the water in the heat distribution network.

A heat recovery system is worth planning well. The planning service can be obtained either separately from a HVAC design office or as part of the site’s general job. Gebwell supports design when it comes to rating and choosing the heat pump, the heat substation and the heat recovery units.

Gebwell Combi parallel to the ground source heating system

With exhaust air heat recovery installed parallel to the ground source heating system, the number of heat wells can be reduced. This will attain savings in heat well drilling, which often is the greatest expense when it comes to ground source heating.

Exhaust air heat recovery makes ground source heating possible also in buildings located on small lots with little space for heat wells.

The Gebwell Combi is a system solution for exhaust air heat recovery

The Gebwell Combi system is controlled by automation that also enables remote control.

The Gebwell Combi system uses heat pumps from the Gebwell T² and GEMINI series that we manufacture and are suitable particularly for large residential buildings.

The accumulators in the systems are G-Energy accumulators that we manufacture. The design principle is the system’s life cycle costs.

The G-Power hybrid substations in the systems are designed in collaboration with the HVAC designer, energy company and contractor. Also substations are manufactured by Gebwell at the Leppävirta plant.

Automation ensures that all parts of the system work as mutually desired. We also relay high-quality heat recovery units with the right size for sites, manufactured in Finland.