Carefree and reliable district heating is the most common heating mode in Finland



District heating

District heating is the most common heating method used in towns and cities, with its benefits including ease of use, reliability and wide availability. Gebwell’s equipment can provide you with district heating in a reliable and flexible manner.

Save energy, save the environment

In Finland 80% of district heating is produced through combined production with an electricity power plant. The plant’s excess condensing heat is used in district heating networks. In doing so, the plant’s efficiency is increased and lots of energy is saved.

Environmental emissions from combined production are approximately 30% lower than when the production of energy and heat take place in separate production facilities. It is a widely recognized manner of protecting the climate and the development of combined production is estimated to be the greatest single method of reducing greenhouse emissions.

Finnish high-quality G-Power® district heating substations

Gebwell’s G-Power district heating substations are equally suitable for new building and renovation sites and are always dimensioned to the correct size for the site.

G-Power district heating substations are efficient, reliable and affordable with regard to overall cost. Heat exchangers in G-Power district heating substations are issued with a warranty of five years for use in Finland. Supplementary equipment comes with a two-year warranty.

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