Gebwell’s total delivery behind the successful contract

In 2016, a complete renovation and change of use were applied to the property originally built in 1969 at 15 Mäkipellontie Road.  The property was earlier in the use of the public health care services, and following the renovation it has functioned as a residential building with 46 flats. Previously, district heating alone was used to heat the property, which is located in Helsinki’s Haaga quarter.

A total heating system from Gebwell

In connection with the renovation project, the property’s heating system was renewed. A district and geothermal heating hybrid system manufactured and delivered by Gebwell was installed in the property. Gebwell delivered every piece of equipment needed for this system, which merges geothermal and district heating in an all-in-one solution. A Gemini 40-kW heat pump, two-circuit district heating distribution centre, detachable exchanger and two 1,000-litre customized accumulators–  one for heating and the other for cooling – were delivered to the site. In the summertime, the property is cooled by heat pumps via floor heating.

According to Sami Määttä, HVAC project manager for the heating system along with its related contracts, the superb success of the project was considerably influenced by the fact that the entire heating system entity came from just one supplier.  Gebwell supplied everything that was needed at the site – the district heating centre, heat pump and accumulators.

A seamless project from the contractor’s perspective

Sami Määttä thanks Gebwell for its relibability in delivery and seamless cooperation.

“All the equipment came on time, there were no problems with the compatibility of the components and their deployment, and help came from one place,” Mr Määttä asserts.

According to Mr Määttä, the apparatus has also functioned as intended. Once the fine-tuning is done, automation takes care of the input and control of district and geothermal heat.

“I could recommend heating system contracts performed in cooperation with Gebwell to housing companies that are planning a transition to energy-effective district and geothermal hybrid heating,” sums up Finhaka Oy’s Sami Määttä.

District and geothermal hybrid heating system at 15 Mäkipellontie Road:

  • a Gemini 40-kW heat pump,
  • a two-circuit district heating distribution centre,
  • a detachable exchanger,
  • two 1,000-litre special accumulators – one for heating and the other for cooling.