Effortless ground source heat for the Hytönen family with a prefabricated house

Pasi Hytönen got his ground source heating system as a turnkey delivery with his Kastelli prefabricated house. The 116 square metre detached house was built in the Tikkurila district of Vantaa in early 2017.

The family got the idea of purchasing a ground source heating system from home builder Kastelli’s campaign, which offered a complimentary, made-in-Finland Gebwell ground source heat pump with each prefabricated house. According to Hytönen, that was the first time he heard of the ground source heat, generated with renewable energy, since his previous homes had been equipped with other types of heating systems.

The delivery of the ground source heating system was smooth. The heat well’s were drilled and heat collection pipes installed before foundation-laying, which made the process effortless for the future resident.

”The ground source heat wells and pipes were already there before the actual building began”, Hytönen says.

”Gebwell’s Qi 6 ground source heat pump was installed when the house was nearly finished. Terawatt’s technicians had the installation and commissioning work done in just one day”, Pasi Hytönen says and continues: ”All in all, the delivery went very smartly, as indeed it should.”

Praise for the effortlessness of ground source heat

A malfunction suffered by the ground source heat pump after commissioning was resolved without delay.

”I would also like to thank Gebwell, for sending help the very same day after the pump malfunctioned. All it took was one phone call”, Hytönen says with satisfaction. ”It is fantastic that our heating system is fully automatic and effortless to operate. The heat is even and our utility bills low”, he says, listing the benefits of the ground source heat pump.

”Our previous two-room apartment in a terraced house had an air source heat pump, and the current system is cheap compared to that. We have been keeping the house warm, at about 23–24 degrees Celsius, and the utility bill stays well under control”, Hytönen says.

”The biggest plus of Gebwell’s ground source heating system is cheap and even heating through the underfloor heating system”, Pasi Hytönen says and goes on to describe how convenient the system is: ”When the system is properly calibrated, the pump just does its job and heats the house. We don’t need to do anything at all.”

In addition to the rooms, the ground source heat pump also heats the building’s water. The residents have been happy that there has always been enough hot water for the needs of a family of four.

”I would recommend Gebwell’s ground source heating system as a pleasant and cost-effective underfloor heating system for new buildings, for example. Ground source heat will certainly save the residents a pretty penny over the years. And the devices come with a five-year warranty to boot. That’s just a bonus”, Pasi Hytönen says with an air of satisfaction.