The Veijalainen family got a silent ground source heat pump with their prefabricated house

The Veijalainens are a family of five living in the Hiltulanlahti district of Kuopio, Finland. Their detached house has well over 200 square metres of space in need of heating. Their living area totals 196 square metres, with 35 square metres of heated garage on top of that.

Hanna Veijalainen says that the cost savings and effortlessness of ground source heat tipped the scales in its favour as the heating method for their house built in 2017.

Ground source heat pump included with a prefabricated house

”We used to live in a building with district heating. After comparing different heating methods, we decided that our next home would have ground source heating. We then compared pumps of different manufacturers and took a liking to Gebwell’s Finnish ground source heat pump. Luckily, we got the pump with the prefabricated house we ordered from Kastelli”, Veijalainen says.

The ground source heat project began with drilling the heat well and installation of heat collection pipes in September 2016. The drilling of the building’s heating energy source, a 189 metres deep ground source heat well, went according to plan. There were only a few metres of soft soil on top of the rock into which the well was drilled. The required drilling was performed in the building’s early construction stages and the ground source heat pump was installed when the house was nearly finished.

”Terawatt’s technicians installed Gebwell’s ground source heat pump in a single day in January 2017”, Veijalainen says.

Ground source heat is extremely affordable

”I have to say that we got excellent service and a great pump! We received guidance in the use of the ground source heat pump and have not had any problems with it yet”, says Hanna Veijalainen.

The distribution of heat in the building is implemented through the underfloor heating system, and Veijalainen says that her family has never been cold in their house.

”We even turned the heat down a little since it was getting tropical in here. Apart from that, there has been no need to adjust the system at all”, Veijalainen says of her family’s experiences with the pump.

The family of five has never run out of hot water, and the ground source heating system has turned out to be economical to use.

”We have not regretted choosing a ground source heating system for a single day. Now that the pump has been running for one year, we have really noticed the low price of ground source heat in our utility bill. We have approximately the same amount of heated space as in our previous home, which was connected to district heating, and the bill is only a few dozen euros more”, Hanna Veijalainen continues.

”I would recommend ground source heat to everyone with, for example, an old building with oil or district heating. The ground source heating system is so easy to use, you can just sit back and enjoy the low-cost ground source heat”, says Veijalainen with an air of satisfaction.

”Gebwell’s pump is easy to use and really efficient. The made-in-Finland pump is also so silent that you have to literally press your ear to it to hear anything”, Hanna Veijalainen says with a laugh.