T3 Inverter heat pump

NEW PRODUCT! An efficient inverter-controlled heat pump for real estates with large heating output requirements

Gebwell T3 Inverter is an efficient, smart inverter-controlled heat pump for large heating demand.

The Gebwell T3 Inverter heat pump is ideal for heating in buildings larger than one-family houses, such as large villas, semi-detached homes, small apartment buildings and small and medium-sized warehouses and industrial buildings.  Thanks to a stepless inverter control system, the heat pump always produces exactly the right level of heating required by the network and therefore also optimises heating costs. Inverter control control improves cost-effectiveness and living comfort and energy efficiency is pronounced during peak heating requirement, in particular. Read more about inverter technology.

IoT enables remote control and continuous system development

Similar to the Gebwell Aries ground source heat pumps for single-family houses and the high-output Gemini Inverter heat pumps, the Gebwell T3 Inverter heat pumps are connected to the Gebwell Ltd cloud service which enables monitoring and controlling the system remotely via a browser-based Gebwell Smart Control Room. Remote access enables checking the status of the heating system without needing to visit the site, which saves both time and money.

Using the cloud services enables updating new features into the heat pump controller conveniently via remote access. Data collected from the heat pump and stored in the cloud enables continuous system development. Gebwell’s inverter-controlled heat pumps are soon to include several additional services to enable cost savings and to improve user comfort.

An electronic expansion valve ensures optimal efficiency

Compared to a mechanical valve, the electronic expansion valve used in the T3 Inverter heat pumps adjusts better to changes in the environment. While the output of an inverter-controlled compressor varies between 15% and 100%, the valve should be able to adapt correspondingly. An electronic expansion valve controls superheat accurately at both ends optimising the efficiency of the heat pump over it’s entire output range. With a Modbus RTU card, the T3 Inverter heat pump can be connected to the property’s surveillance system.

The compact Gebwell T3 Inverter heat pumps include one compressor unit only. The small footprint – the width and depth of the heat pump is 600 mm and height 1200 mm – makes it ideal for use when there is limited space. The compressor unit of the T3 Inverter is fully insulated, which makes the T3 Inverter extremely quiet. The T3 Inverter’s cooling module only holds 2.1 kg of R410A refrigerant, which makes it exempt from annual refrigerant inspections.

The Finnish Gebwell T3 Inverter is an efficient inverter-controlled heat pump ideal for use in buildings

  • A small and compact inverter-controlled heat pump for large villas, semi-detached homes and small apartment buildings
  • Built-in wireless remote access
  • Remote access to the cloud service enables remote control and continuous system development
  • The device will soon include several additional services improving comfort and enabling cost savings
  • Designed and manufactured in Leppävirta, Finland
  • 5-year warranty for devices connected to the Gebwell Smart control hub

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Technical specifications

Gebwell T3 Inverter
Dimensions (depth x widht x height), cm 79 x 64 x 97
Weight, kg 206,5
Power values (according to EN 14511)  
Heating capacity (0°/35°), kW 9,5 – 26,5
Nominal heating capacity (0°/35°), kW 12,6
Nominal input power (0°/35°), kW 2,5
SCOP (0°/35°, according to EN 14825) 4,88 – 4,24
Sound effect level, dB 37-56
Heating water maximum output and return temperature, C° 58-63 / 51-56
Operational temperature, collector, C° -10…+30
Compressor Twin rotary (frequency controlled)
Energy class*
Contains fluorinated greenhouse gases Yes
Hermetically sealed Yes
Refrigerant R410A
GWP (global warming potential) 2088
Refrigerant amount, kg 2,1
CO2 equivalence, ton CO2 e 4,385
Recommended fuse size, A 3 x 32A

*Energy efficiency class of heating system, intermediate climate, underfloor heating