G-Power® Smart District Heating Substation

NEW! G-power Smart District Heating Substation is a smart heating solution for residential buildings.

G-power Smart District Heating Substation is a smart heating solution for large residential buildings and commercial and industrial properties. G-power Smart District Heating Substation is ideal for newbuildings and heating system renovations. G-Power Smart is available as 1-circuit and multiple circuit versions.

G-Power Smart represents the next generation of heating substations. It communicates with a cloud-based Gebwell Smart Control Hub and accommodates the integration of cost-effective parallel heating sources to the heating system.

Remote use enables carefree heating and easy maintenance

The benefits of remote use include carefree heating and easy maintenance and reporting. Your service company can check the status of the heating system using the Control Hub’s online user interface thus eliminating the need to visit the site.

An internet connection is delivered with the heating substation. Thus, the housing company will not need to acquire an additional internet connection to control the system. Measurement data and long-term trends can be reviewed via the Control Hub. Two-year remote monitoring services are included in the price, and for additional years the price is EUR 29.90 per month.

Generate additional savings with parallel heating sources

G-Power Smart has been designed to meet alternating heating needs and to facilitate connecting cost-efficient parallel heating sources to the system. For example, the required connections for exhaust air recovery or solar power can be included in the district heating substation during the manufacturing stage, if necessary.

The core of a district heating substation is an AI system located in a secure cloud-based service. The automated heating substation control makes adjustments in the heating of areas based on circumstances and weather forecast data. AI optimises the heating of a property by adjusting the control algorithms of the heating system.

The G-Power Smart District Heating Substation can be expanded to include apartment-specific sensors to optimise heating and avoid under- or overheating the apartments, IoT radiator valves enabling radiator-specific adjustments, and API interfacing to integrate G-Power Smart to larger property management systems. Furthermore, the system can be expanded to include remote reading of hot and cold water meters, and to make measurements in real-time.

Advanced properties ensure energy efficiency

  • Remote monitoring provided by Gebwell Smart Control Hub minimises the need for servicing on location thus bringing down the maintenance costs
  • AI is a learning system and improves energy efficiency by continuously optimising the adjustment features
  • Maximise savings by connecting cost efficient, parallel heating sources (e.g. heat recovery and ground source heat)
  • Adjustments based on weather forecasts improve energy efficiency and balance fluctuations in indoor temperature (optional)
  • Accurate, wireless sensors in each apartment markedly improve adjustability (optional)
  • IoT radiator valves allow for radiator-specific control (optional)

The system can be expanded to include:

  • Adjustments based on the local weather forecast
  • Sensors in each apartment
  • Remote water meter readings and measurements
  • IoT radiator valves
  • APIs

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