Gebwell G-Power® -district cooling substation

Reliable and cost-effictive cooling for large properties.

More and more in Europe, especially in the Nordic countries like Finland, also cooling of large buildings is being centralized. District cooling is produced in a centralized production facility. The cooled water produced in the plant is delivered via pipelines to cool down the air conditioning in several buildings.

Principle of district cooling is similar to that of district heating, except the opposite – in district cooling the excess heat is transferred from the customer to energy company’s district heating water.

Compared to building specific cooling district cooling is more environmentally friendly, economical, easy-to-use and reliable. In district cooling the cooling energy is produced centrally, cost-effectively and in environmentally fashion.

For the distribution of cooling in buildings special cooling substations are used. G-Power substations adapted for cooling, are used to this purpose. G-power cooling substation has a light, neat looking and compact construction. It is available in one or more circuits.

All -Power substations are manufactured from top-quality components.

  • Manufactured in Finland
  • Effortless installation
  • Accurate and finished appearance
  • High- class quality of components
  • Easy hauling, installation and maintenance
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