Heating consumption less than expected

Haukiniemen Hidalgo is the first apartment building in Iisalmi, Finland which is utilising geothermal heating and geocooling. The geothermal system has now been operating well over 2.5 years and the heating consumption is a positive surprise to the residents. In year 2015 the heating consumption was 33 000 kWh and the expected consumption for 2016 is 36 000 kWh. It is a fifth less than it was anticipated after first eight operating months; at that time the annual consumption was estimated to average 45 MWh.

“Taking into account the size and shape of the building it can be said that we; Gebwell Ltd. and Rakennusliike Pentikäinen (the constructor); have succeeded in the choice of the system and have managed to get the system work as energy efficiently as possible”, Tuomo Pentikäinen sums up when disclosing the consumption figures in 2016.

The five-storey-building with floorspace of 1,246m2; total area of  2,038m2 and volume of 6,150m3, is heated with two 30 kW Gebwell T heat pumps taking heat from eight energy wells. The system also has a 2m3 accumulator for heating and 1m3 accumulator for domestic hot water production. The domestic hot water is preheated by two heating coils in heating accumulator and is then directed to so called DHW exchanger.

A special attention was paid to sound level of the system. All the premises have under floor heating, which is controlled by room thermostats in all rooms except shower rooms. The circulation pumps in all heating networks are of the most energy efficient model available

Geothermal system is equipped with telemonitoring device, with which the running modes, temperature of incoming and outgoing liquid solutions, accumulator temperatures etc. can be monitored. Gebwell as the heat pump supplier can monitor the operation of the system and make adjustments on settings in via remote access.

Gebwell geothermal system
8 pc 200 meter energy wells
60 kW ground sourc heat pump
2000 liter heating accumulator and 1000 liter domestic hot water accumulator

Property and  consumption details
Floorspace 1,246 m2
Volume 6,150 m3
Heating consumption 2015: 33 000 kWh
Heating consumption 2016: 36 000 kWh