Gebwell KVL300 hot water heater

Hot water heater for detached and terraced houses, and leisure homes.

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Gebwell KVL300 hot water heater is designed for producing and storing domestic hot water for detached and terraced houses and leisure home. Hot water heater produces a hot water for the whole family in a secure and cost-saving way. The advanced insulation solutions provides a notable additional savings and reduce an environmental impact.

The water heater is easy and quick to install and it doesn’t require maintenance. Due to the sturdy body, the operation of solution is very quite.

All Gebwell products are made of high-quality components and designed to withstand the Finnish conditions, so their reliability, energy efficiency and usability are always best in class.

  • Very quiet
  • Energy-efficient
  • Easy to install and use
  • Designed taking into account difficult climatic conditions
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Technical specifications

KVL300 KVL300 hybrid*
HVAC-number 6415852380523 (white)
6415852380550 (grey)
Volume 275 L 275 L
Max. allowed temperature 100 °C 100 °C
Min. allowed temperature 0 °C 0 °C
Max. allowed operating pressure 1,0 MPa 1,0 MPa
Power 3 kW 3 kW
Heating coil no yes
Max. recommended heat pump capacity 16 kW
Heat loss 1,23 kWh / day 1,23 kWh / day
Energy efficiency class
Voltage 50/60 Hz 230/400 V 3P~/ 1P~ 50/60 Hz 230/400 V 3P~/ 1P~
Protection class** IPX4 IPX4
Recommended fuse size 3×6 / 1×16 3×6 / 1×16
Maximum fuse size 3×16 / 1×16 3×16 / 1×16
Dimensions (depth, width, height) 595 x 595 x 1890 mm 595 x 595 x 1890 mm
90 kg 105 kg

* pat.pend. PCT/FI2015/050941
** The IPX4 splash proof IP rating is achieved by installing the accumulator on a solid floor next to a wall.