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Quality and environmental policy

Gebwell Ltd. manufactures and markets advanced, environmentally-friendly heating and cooling solutions and primary fire extinguishing products to meet its customers’ requirements.

For Gebwell Ltd., quality means foresight and the ability to meet and exceed customers’ expectations at every step in the business process, from ordering products, solutions and services through to delivery and use.

Environmental protection means offering ecologically sustainable products and solutions to customers and using resources sustainably in production.

Personal responsibility at every level in the organisation is a prerequisite for achieving a comprehensive standard of quality and environmental protection.

We are committed to continuously supporting and encouraging every member of personnel to improve our operations, the quality of our products, and our environmental friendliness.  We work with our personnel to ensure their expertise, occupational health and safety, and occupational wellbeing.

We operate in compliance with laws and regulations. We operate in accordance with the principles of sustainable development, protecting nature and the environment, and continuously improving our standard of environmental protection.

Our operations are certified in accordance with the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 management systems.

Leppävirta, 22 September 2021
Janne Rahunen
Gebwell Ltd

ISO 9001 certificate

ISO 14001 certificate


We have the Key Flag

Gebwell’s products are marked with the Key Flag to verify that they are made in Finland. The Association for Finnish Work grants the Key Flag to products made in Finland. Being the biggest private employer in municipality of Leppävirta, Gebwell Ltd employs 150 heating professionals.  By buying a Gebwell product marked with the Key Flag you support Finnish manufacturing and help to employ Finnish employees.

Our Key Flag products include the G-Power districht heating substations (excl. G-Power Easy), Gebwell heat pumps, G-Energy energy accumulators, domestic water heaters as well as the Pivaset fire hydrant cabinets and hose reels.