Gebwell has been granted Key Flag

The Association for Finnish Work has granted our products the Key Flag. It is granted to a product which is being manufactured in Finland and the domestic content of which constitutes at least 50 per cent.

We employ at Leppävirta 150 professionals and we are the largest private employer in our municipality. We use domestic raw material and components in our product manufacture as much as possible.

Our Key Flag products are Gebwell G-Power® -district heating substation, Gebwell heat pumps, G-Energy energy accumulator tanks and Gebwell KVL300 hot water heater as well as Pivaset fire hydrant cabinets ja hose reels.


Tero Karhula ja Gebwellin Qi-maalämpöpumppu

94% of users would recommend Gebwell to others

Gebwell aims to keep its customers happy, which is why we constantly study our customers’ experiences with our products and services. According to a recent user survey we conducted in early 2017, we have demonstrably very satisfied customers. 94% of the owners of a Qi ground source heat pump are happy with their choice, and […]
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Happy Holidays and New Year 2018!

We want to thank our customers and partners for the past year and wish You Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! We donate Christmas card and gift funds in charity also this year. This time we decided to make a donation to Syöpäsäätiö (Cancer Foundation). Donation funds are used to support Finnish cancer research. Syöpäsäätiö […]
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