Gebwell has been granted Key Flag

The Association for Finnish Work has granted our products the Key Flag. It is granted to a product which is being manufactured in Finland and the domestic content of which constitutes at least 50 per cent.

We employ at Leppävirta 150 professionals and we are the largest private employer in our municipality. We use domestic raw material and components in our product manufacture as much as possible.

Our Key Flag products are Gebwell G-Power® -district heating substation, Gebwell heat pumps, G-Energy energy accumulator tanks and Gebwell KVL300 hot water heater as well as Pivaset fire hydrant cabinets ja hose reels.


Harri Nopanen on tyytyväinen vaivattomaan sekä hiljaiseen Gebwellin Qi-maalämpöpumppuun.

The Nopanen family received a warm new home for Christmas

When Harri Nopanen started building his home in the village of Klamila in Virolahti in the spring of 2016, he dreamed of moving into his new home by Christmas. The house and Gebwell’s ground source heating system were completed in late autumn, so it was possible to finish the interior work in a warm house. […]
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Gebwell Ltd. set on a growth track

Gebwell Ltd. is beginning the year 2017 bigger than before, following the merger of our business partner Pivaset Ltd. with Gebwell Ltd. on 31 December 2016. Pivaset Ltd. is Finland’s leading manufacturer of fire extinguishing equipment. Pivaset’s product range includes fire hydrant cabinets, hose reels and carts, extinguishing products and hoses. Pivaset is also a […]
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