Tarmo Paldanius appointed Production Director at Gebwell Ltd.

Tarmo has previously worked for JOT Automation Ltd., Flexmill Oy and Debomix Oy. He has extensive and strong experience working both as a project director and a production director, as well as working as an entrepreneur.

As Tarmo takes over the duties of Production Director Hannu Koponen will continue as Development Director of Gebwell Ltd.

Tarmo’s contact information:
Tel +358 50 303 7730
E-mail tarmo.paldanius(at)gebwell.fi


Heating consumption less than expected

Haukiniemen Hidalgo is the first apartment building in Iisalmi, Finland which is utilising geothermal heating and geocooling. The geothermal system has now been operating well over 2.5 years and the heating consumption is a positive surprise to the residents. In year 2015 the heating consumption was 33 000 kWh and the expected consumption for 2016 […]
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Kaukolämpö-maalämpöhybridilämmitys kokonaistoimituksena Gebwelliltä

District and geothermal heating hybrid heating as a total delivery from Gebwell

In 2016, a complete renovation and change in application were applied to the property originally built in 1969 at 15 Mäkipellontie Road.  Previously, district heating alone was used to heat the property. The property’s heating system was renewed in connection with the renovation project. A district and geothermal heating hybrid system manufactured and delivered by […]
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