G-Powers will take care of heating and cooling during construction of new NCC headquarters

NCC headquarters in Stockholm is being renovated and Gebwell G-Power substations will see to the heating during construction.

Part of NCC headquarters in Stockholm is being teared down to give place to a new office block. Gebwell supplies the district heating and cooling substations to the remaining building while the new office is being built. The planning of heating and cooling system was made in tight co-operation between NCC, Gebwell and HVAC contractor Rörgruppen, which will install the system.

“Speciality in this project was that the heating and cooling substations were installed inside of a sea container, in which they will remain throughout the renovation of the headquarters. The container will be placed on the yard of the headquarters. The substations in the container are connected to the heating and cooling system of the building through underground piping and will take care of heating and cooling of the premises as well as hot domestic water production,” says Kjell Thun from Gebwell Sverige AB.