Gebwell heat pump registration

Congratulations for the excellent choice! Gebwell heat pump is a high-quality product made in Finland. Register below your heat pump, which is installed in Finland.

Five year warranty

Register a Gebwell heat pump by filling out the form below. By registering, you get a five warranty for the heat pump installed in Finland. The warranty confirmation is sent to the e-mail addresses provided on the form. You can use the form to register several heat pumps installed in the same property at once. Other warranty conditions can be found in the Installation, commissioning and maintenance manual supplied with the heat pump.

Heat pump information

Eg. GWIDQiSi12345678. If you register more than one heat pump, separate the serial numbers by a comma.
Eg. Aries 6 or 2 x Gemini Inverter Pro
DD dot MM dot YYYY
The collector type
Heat distribution method

Customer information

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(For real estate, give e.g. the name of the housing company or something similar)
Give the address where the heat pump is installed
The warranty confirmation will be sent to this address.

Installation company's information

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