Arto Herranen appointed Chair of the Board of Gebwell Ltd

The Board of Directors of Gebwell Ltd, a company that provides environmentally-friendly and energy-efficient solutions for heating and cooling buildings, has a new Chair. Arto Herranen has been appointed to the post and has already taken office.

Timo Hulkkonen, the company’s founder, has chosen to step down as Chair of the Board after a respectable eight-year term of office. His successor will be Arto Herranen, who holds a master’s degree in industrial engineering. Herranen was appointed at the general meeting held on 7 April 2021. Hulkkonen will remain the principal owner of the company and a member of the Board.

“Herranen has exactly the right experience, dynamism and new perspective that Gebwell needs to ensure its ongoing growth and success in cooperation with the executive management team. I am handing over my duties in good spirits and with full confidence in Herranen’s abilities,” Hulkkonen says.

Over a career spanning 30 years, Arto Herranen, the new Chair of the Board, led several companies, including Savon Voima and, most recently, Enfo Oyj, from which he retired in 2017. Herranen also has extensive experience working on the Boards of Directors of dozens of companies, both as a member and as the chair, as well as work on internationalisation projects. He has been a member of Gebwell’s Board since 2017.

“Gebwell is a cleantech company that places its customers at the core of its operations. Gebwell’s customers are currently undergoing a transformational shift, as targets have been set to combine sustainable energy generation and efficiency. As the new Chair, it is my role to ensure the managed advancement of internationalisation and continual growth, which are hallmarks of our business operations,” Herranen says.

“Hulkkonen will retain an important role, and this will facilitate my transition into the position of Chair, as he is a vital part of this company,” Herranen says.

Other new faces in the Board of Directors

Gebwell’s Board of Directors has five members in addition to the Chair. The new Board members, who began their terms of office in April, are Mia Miettinen, who formerly worked as CEO of BMW Finland and now holds the position of Deputy CEO at Tommi Mäkinen Racing, and Antti Pohjonen, CEO of Sand Valley, a gold resort in Poland. Lauri Valkonen and Matti Wetterstrand will continue to serve as members of the Board.

Further information:

Janne Rahunen
Tel: +358 400 897 786

Chair of the Board
Arto Herranen
Tel: +358 40 220 5845

Gebwell Ltd is an expanding international company with its roots and headquarters in Leppävirta, Finland. We focus on developing, manufacturing and selling environmentally friendly heating and cooling equipment. We are the market leader in district heating and early fire suppression products in Finland, and we also hold a very strong market position in heat pump products. Our products and business operations make extensive use of the latest available technologies.