Gebwell given the ISO 14001 certification

Our new motto, “Pure heat”, explains why Gebwell Ltd exists in the first place: we want to offer clean solutions for heating homes and premises. At the same time, we are at the forefront of solving the energy challenges of the future. The ISO 14001 environmental management certification we have just received further reinforces our message.

The products we manufacture – heat pumps and district heating substations – are in themselves devices that enable heating in a way that is friendly to both the environment and the climate. The ISO 14001 certification we’ve received demonstrates that we not only provide our customers with ecologically sustainable products and solutions, but also strive for the sustainable use of resources in our production – and are committed to limiting the environmental impact of our operations. The certification shows that we are tirelessly working towards sustainable development.

The ISO 14001 certification is reflected in our operations in the following ways

  • We take environmental considerations and related risks and opportunities into account in all our operations and products throughout their life cycle.
  • We improve customer satisfaction by operating in a sustainable and responsible manner and by offering efficient and environmentally friendly products and solutions.
  • We comply with the laws and regulations applicable to our operations as well as official regulations.
  • In waste processing, we follow the local guidelines of the Central Savonia region, e.g. waste paper is recycled in mixed waste into energy waste.

Our environmental objectives include

  • Reducing the total amount of waste and increasing recyclability (e.g. increasing the environmentally friendliness of our outgoing packaging)
  • Further increasing the environmentally friendliness of our products (e.g. switching to a more environmentally friendly refrigerant)
  • Reducing CO2 emissions (e.g. using gas and electric forklifts)

ISO 14001 certificate