Gebwell Group’s record result is based on satisfied customers and the wellbeing of personnel

Gebwell Group’s turnover was approximately €35 million and its profit for the period was €1.9 million, which is clearly the company’s best result so far.

According to the CEO Tuure Stenberg, the record result is based on the company’s success together with its customers. The demand for energy-saving solutions for building services increased in 2019, and together with its partners, Gebwell managed to gain a significant portion of this growth.

“From all accounts, our customers have been satisfied and wanted to buy our Finnish heating equipment,” Stenberg says.

According to the CEO, the company’s ability to serve its customers and the wellbeing of its personnel have acted as growth engines. In Gebwell Group, everyone knows the importance of their own contribution, and good results inspire us to keep raising the bar higher and higher together.

According to Stenberg, the future of Gebwell Group looks bright.

“The aim is to continue on this road and build growth based on the same elements: increasing the export volume, serving customers and taking care of the wellbeing of our personnel.

In addition, we are continuously developing new services and products; at the moment, the focus of development is on the IoT technology and new service models,” Stenberg says.

He is very confident about the future of environmentally friendly heating technologies and continues:

“We have to believe that even though the humanity is now in the middle of an epidemic, we cannot abandon our efforts to combat climate change. Everyone has to take responsibility for the environmental impact of their own actions in the future, too. A clean environment is better than a polluted one.”