Gebwell Ltd. has made a minority investment in contract manufacturer Pertemet Oy

Gebwell Ltd., specializing in environmentally friendly property heating and cooling, has made a minority investment in contract manufacturer Pertemet Oy at the turn of the year 2023-2024. The investment is expected to support Gebwell’s international growth and, also contribute to the emergence of a metal service cluster in Leppävirta.

Leppävirta-based Pertemet has twenty years of experience in contract manufacturing. With the minority investment, Pertemet will begin an investment program in its production. “Pertemet has the opportunity to invest in abundant, high-quality, and highly automated production machinery, which we can utilize in our sheet metal products. Pertemet also offers contract manufacturing to other customers in addition to us, which maximizes machine utilization, bringing competitiveness to both parties. Investing in similar machines with Gebwell’s volumes would not have been possible,” says Petrus Monni, Acting CEO of Gebwell Group.

Gebwell and Pertemet are both located in Leppävirta, a stone’s throw away from each other, making logistical cooperation sensible. The sheet metal products are transported from Pertemet’s factory on Tervonlammentie to Gebwell’s processing facilities.

Pertemet’s operating philosophy and vision align with Gebwell’s, which facilitated deepening their cooperation. “Pertemet, like Gebwell, is a growth-oriented company, and its operations are based on long-term cooperation with partners, just like ours. Pertemet’s entrepreneur and owner Toni Teittinen has extensive experience and expertise in the field,” Monni continues.

“We are delighted with this trust and look forward to deepening our cooperation. We are a growing company, and it is important for us to act as a strategic partner to our customers, supporting their core functions. Gebwell Ltd.’s investment in our company brings us more opportunities to expand our operations and competitiveness,” says Toni Teittinen, owner and entrepreneur of Pertemet.

Pertemet Oy was founded in 1994 in Leppävirta. The company employs approximately 10 people, and its turnover is 1.6 million euros. Pertemet is a contract manufacturer in the technology industry, specializing in sheet metal, welding, assembly, and steel structural work, using materials such as stainless and carbon steel.

Gebwell Ltd., established in 2006, specializes in environmentally friendly heating and cooling for properties. Gebwell employs 250 people in Finland, and its turnover in 2022 was 53 million euros. Gebwell Ltd. manufactures equipment for connecting properties to district heating, for utilizing geothermal heat and waste heat for property heating and for storing heat in water circulating heating systems. The company’s products include district heating substations, heat pumps, energy accumulator tanks, and domestic hot water heaters. Gebwell’s subsidiary, Pivaset Oy, manufactures fire extinguishing products such as fire hydrant cabinets.

For more information:
Petrus Monni
Acting CEO Gebwell Group
Tel. +358 400 897 484

Toni Teittinen
Pertemet Oy
Tel. +358 40 675 8487