Gebwell, together with Granlund, Kesko and Tom Allen Senera, won the most significant award in the European heat pump industry

The European Heat Pump Association (EHPA) organises an annual Heat Pump City of the Year competition, in which companies compete with their heat pump innovations in four categories. This year, Gebwell, together with Granlund, Kesko and Tom Allen Senera, won the series Next Generation Heat Pump with their energy recycling system designed for K Group stores. The other three categories are Heat Pump City of the Year, DecarBuilding and DecarbIndustry.

In the energy recycling concept, all waste heat from stores, including condensation heat from refrigeration and cooling equipment and the heat from exhaust air, are utilised in heating the property. The aim of the system is to make stores almost emission-free and carbon neutral. Energy recycling has reduced the consumption of heating energy in stores by 80–95 per cent.

Gebwell Oy’s ready-to-install equipment assemblies for the energy recycling system enable efficient repeatability and scaling of the concept.

“It feels great that the umbrella organisation of the European heat pump industry has granted us this significant recognition in relation to our product development. This recognition underlines our desire to develop our products and services together with our customers. Moving forward with our award-winning concept was particularly interesting and educative for our company, as in addition to our customer (Tom Allen Senera), the end user (Kesko) and the end user’s design agency (Granlund) were involved in the development”, says Tuure Stenberg, CEO of Gebwell Oy.

We congratulate Granlund, Kesko and Tom Allen Senera on the award and thank them for our great cooperation in implementing this groundbreaking concept for the future.


The European Heat Pump Association (EHPA) represents the majority of the European heat pump industry. Its members include manufacturers of heat pumps and components, research institutes, universities, testing laboratories and energy agencies. Its main objective is to raise awareness and proper deployment of heat pump technology on the European market. According to EHPA’s vision, in a carbon-free Europe, heat pump technologies are the number one heating and cooling solution, which is at the core of a renewable, sustainable and smart energy system.

The Heat Pump City of the Year (HPCY) award is an EHPA project that recognises the most efficient, smart and sustainable local heat pump project. The HPCY award was established in 2011 to highlight cities and regions that have implemented an energy-efficient project that uses heat pump technology. The award has become more and more attractive also internationally throughout the years, and now attracts participants from all over Europe and beyond. (Source: