Greetings from the CEO

Dear partner,

The year 2021 is coming to an end and on behalf of the whole of Gebwell Ltd. I would like to thank you for the cooperation and in a few words to tell you about this year’s news.

When I took over Gebwell Ltd.’s traction responsibility at the end of February I was left to run a company in very good condition and my goal was to ensure that the company continues on the same strong customer-driven growth path.

In the fall, we launched our new brand. Along with the brand renewal, we wanted to highlight the ultimate purpose of our operations, which is to bring pure heat to homes. We think our new brand image is fresh and aptly reflects our company.

Although the year 2021 has been challenging in our industry as well, it is a pleasure to say that Gebwell Ltd.’s operations have grown this year, too. The global corona epidemic has caused challenges in the availability of components, among other things, and despite all our efforts, the shortage of components has, unfortunately, caused delays also in our deliveries to our customers. We are grateful for your understanding!

We have also listened carefully to customer feedback and made changes to our organization to serve You even better in the future.

Our technology team, founded this year, operates, under the leadership of Tarmo Hatunen, at the heart of Gebwell’s technology and product development. We have already got to enjoy the results of the technology team at the end of the year, and the pace will accelerate in the future. More new products and services will be presented in the spring and more abundantly at the FinnBuild trade fair in autumn 2022, which will hopefully be held as planned. We hope you will be able to get there, too, and we will meet face to face after a long time.

Our maintenance and after-sales operations have also been reorganized and the team has been strengthened with experts during the autumn. Mikko Ahlfors has been appointed to lead the team. Mikko’s team takes care of the maintenance, spare parts, and Gebwell Smart services throughout the life cycle of Gebwell devices.

We are looking forward to 2022. We believe that the demand for innovative pure heating solutions will only increase in the future.

Thank you for the past year and success for 2022!

Best regards,
Janne Rahunen
Gebwell Group