Joni Räsänen Appointed as Chief Information Officer at Gebwell Ltd.

Joni Räsänen has been appointed as the Chief Information Officer at Gebwell Ltd. In his role as CIO, he will be responsible for leading Gebwell’s ICT and digital functions. Joni leads a five-person Digitalization & ICT team and also participates in the executive management team activities.

Digitalization as the Engine of Green Transition

‘Efforts towards a more sustainable future and a more environmentally friendly energy system are constantly being made on many different levels, and this change requires innovative approaches. I believe that one of the most important factors in this transition is digitalization; artificial intelligence and IoT connected devices, and digitalized production processes play a significant role as we move towards a greener future. Technology enables device intercommunication, data collection, and a knowledge-based optimization of the energy system in a way we couldn’t have predicted just a few years ago. However, it is important to recognize that the use of IoT in energy production is not just a technological question. It also requires careful data protection, cybersecurity, and regulation to ensure system reliability and the protection of users’ privacy,’ says Joni Räsänen about the importance of digitalization in Gebwell Ltd.’s operations.

‘District heating substations Gebwell has manufactured ensure a consistent temperature across Europe in various operators’ district heating networks. Our ground source heat pumps, manufactured in Leppävirta, effortlessly handle the heating and hot water production for thousands of properties of various sizes. The energy crisis has changed operational methods in many countries, including a wider transition to market-based electricity contracts in Finland. In other European countries, there is a strong focus on alternatives to fossil fuels, where the use of natural gas for heating buildings has been common,’ continues Räsänen.

‘I am excited to take on the responsibility of digitalization in such an innovative and growing company as Gebwell represents. The baseline for my work is high, as IT services have been excellently managed for years, end-user satisfaction is top-notch, and telecommunications connections work quickly and reliably wherever needed. Now it’s time to raise the bar even higher and prepare for the future, as our goal is to play a significant role as a provider of environmentally friendly solutions as part of the energy transition,’ Räsänen says about his appointment.

Deep Expertise and Understanding in Developing Digital Solutions

Joni brings to the role his solid experience, which he has gained by working for over 15 years in various system development positions in the energy sector, most recently as Chief Product Owner at Gebwell. His expertise and vision are valuable as we develop our IT infrastructure and digital services.

‘In the current business environment, the importance of the digital world is immense. Joni brings deep understanding and experience that are crucial in the continuous development of digital solutions. His previous work as Chief Product Owner has already demonstrated his ability to lead and implement digital solutions that support Gebwell’s growth and development,’ says acting CEO Petrus Monni.

Originally from Heinävesi and now residing in Kuopio, Joni is a trained software engineering engineer.

Joni can be reached by phone at +358 40 779 2458 and by email at joni.rasanen(at)